The Lotus Dickey Songbook Companion CD One

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This CD contains recordings of songs #1 through #25 as they appear in The Lotus Dickey Songbook.

This CD is the first in a set of five CDs, which together form the complete audio companion to The Lotus Dickey Songbook. The complete set of five CDs is also available in a CD bundle for $10.00 off the price of buying all five individually.

The songbook itself comes with one sampler CD. That disc contains 23 songs, chosen to give a representative sampling from the 120 songs in the book. However, to have recordings of all of the songs in the book, one must buy the set of five companion Lotus Dickey Songbook Companion CDs, or buy downloads of individual songs.

The songs on The Lotus Dickey Songbook Companion CD One, all written by Lotus Dickey, are: What a Good Life, Such a Long Time, Old Friend, I Only Wanta Be Me, The Spirit of St. Louis, They're Waltzing in Indiana, Can't Concentrate, Indiana My Home Sweet Home, One Little, Two Little, Three Little Children, Hush While the Little Ones Sleep, What Is Love?, The Way You're Pleasing Me, Walking in the Moonlight, How Did You Get in My Heart?, I Got That Feelin', Magnificent Lady, The Very First Time, Special Sentiment, My Darlin' Sweet Colleen, So Long Happiness, Hey, Hey, Do I Love You, Got Someone I'm Wild About, I Stole a Curl from the Gypsy Girl, Oh Be My Sweet Reality, Oh Is It a Sin?, and A Little Lower than the Angels.

The songs are taken almost entirely from field and home recordings of Lotus Dickey by himself, singing and playing guitar. While some of these same songs appear on the Lotus Dickey CD The Very First Time, that CD's tracks are all studio recordings, and are quite different from the renditions found on The Lotus Dickey Songbook Companion CD One.

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