SOLD: Casey Burns Low B-flat Irish Flute with four keys & tuning slide, soft case

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This is a pristine, used but like-new low B-flat flute made by Casey Burns in October 2013, measuring 29 inches long (73.66 cm) with the tuning slide fully closed. It is made of African blackwood and sterling silver, with brass tubing within the tuning slide. With its four post-mounted silver keys – for E-flat, F-natural, G-sharp and B-flat – it is a fully chromatic instrument. It plays beautifully, with excellent intonation, as you can hear by listening to the three recordings (below) made by Grey Larsen. Since the keys are post-mounted, Casey Burns can add more keys later if you wish, such as long C and F keys.

Ordering this flute new would cost $200 more and would entail being on a waiting list for many months.

This flute had a single owner in a non-smoking household in Seattle, Washington (US), has always been kept in a climate-controlled environment, has been played very little, and is in tip-top condition. It has been regularly cleaned and oiled. It also has a celtic knot design engraved onto the silver band between the head joint and body of the flute (see photos). The engraving was done by Medford, Oregon bagpipe builder Murray Alan Huggins.

Right before we received this flute, the maker, Casey Burns, oiled it inside and out, re-threaded and lubricated the joints, took apart the tuning slide and buffed it, and then took each of the silver keys off and buffed and polished them before re-installing them. He pronounced it to be like-new.

Also included is the original sales receipt and printed care instructions from the maker, Casey Burns.

The F-natural key may appear to be bent, but it is not. This in fact is exactly how the key is designed, offering optimal ergonomic operation for the middle finger of the right hand.

If you have any questions about this flute, please contact Grey Larsen.

Below you may listen to Grey Larsen play two Irish tunes on this flute, plus a chromatic scale.

The Home Ruler (fingered in D major, using B-flat key occasionally)
The Tempest (fingered in D-minor, using the F-natural and B-flat keys)
Chromatic Scale, two octaves, ascending and descending

A note on these recordings: No pitches have been adjusted, so what you hear is the true intonation of the instrument. Some very light compression and some reverb have been added.

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