Leather Case for Carbony Big Bore Whistle in Low C, D, E-Flat, E or F


The current holiday sale discount on Carbony whistles does not apply to leather cases for Carbony whistles. For Carbony whistles themselves, you can get $30 off by using coupon code CARBONY30 at check out, now through January 6, 2021.

This is a very sturdy leather case for the Carbony Big Bore whistle in low C, D, E-flat, E or F. The clasp closes with a metal snap. There is a leather belt loop sewn on the back.

The low D whistle is by far the most popular, so we keep cases for the low D in stock.

If you order a case for a low C, E-flat, E or F whistle, there will be a waiting time of approximately one month. We will notify you right away when we are ready to ship your case to you.

This case also fits the Carbony flute.


Additional information

Weight 0.344 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 2.5 × 2 in

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