Susato "Kildare" Whistles

The Kildare model of the Susato pennywhistles

We offer all 22 Kildare whistles, from high G down to low C, and spanning five different bore sizes (see photo below). Each whistle’s pitch can be adjusted by pulling the joint in or out. Included with each whistle are a fingering chart, thumb rest, joint grease and a vinyl carrying bag.

We also offer whistle sets, each with one head piece and several bodies, for better price economy.

The high D whistle, the one most commonly used in Irish music, comes in both the V and S series. The V-series whistle in D is reedier-sounding and a bit quieter than the S-series, which has a rounder and louder voice. Listen to Grey Larsen play V-series and S-series whistles in D, for the sake of comparison:

Kildare V-series whistle in D
Kildare S-series whistle in D