Down the Back Lane – eBook

By Grey Larsen. eBook (PDF file), 52 pages plus free audio file downloads. Suitable for all melody instruments.

You will be directed to the Mel Bay Publications website to purchase this eBook. It is in the PDF file format. The eBook is less expensive than the physical book, and of course there is no shipping cost. (Shipping the physical book outside the US can be rather expensive.)

At the heart of this book are the included recordings. The author plays eight traditional tunes on Irish flute and tin whistle, each three times through, complete with lovely, improvised variations. He notates the complete performances in meticulous detail and offers insightful comments on the variations.

View excerpts.

Here you may listen to three samples from this book’s audio:


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This work offers a rare and intimate view into the intuitive musical mind of a masterful player, along with extensive information on ornamentation, phrasing, articulation, dynamics and much more.

Though the author plays the tunes on flute and whistle, he has carefully designed the book to be useful to players of all melody instruments.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Jigs, reels, hornpipes, a slide and a slip jig, both common and rare
  • Valuable insights into the art of variation
  • Three chapters explaining ornamentation, phrasing and modes
  • A CD containing the tunes, played by the author

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