I See the Lightning Flashing, Choral Arrangement (SATB) Sheet Music


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The two-page score for Grey Larsen and Cindy Kallet’s choral arrangement (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) of a traditional southern Indiana spiritual, learned from Lotus Dickey (1911-1987). The altos carry the melody.

Here is a rough recording (missing the first verse):

I See the Lightning Flashing


Lotus Dickey [our source for this song] said the following during an interview with Dillon Bustin: “‘Course now I made up, we made words to that other one [‘I See the Lightning Flashing’]. Now I don’t know what the words were, but I thought it seemed appropriate. [Dillon Bustin: “Did you actually just remember that one verse and chorus?”] “Well, it was ‘I see the lightning flashing,’ and the next was ‘I hear the thunder rolling.'” [Dillon: “So you remember two verses.”] “Well, I call it ‘I See the Lightning Flashing.’ It’s an old spiritual I got from my folks, but we did some of these other verses. The first two, ‘lightning flashing’ and ‘thunder rolling,’ were handed down from what I heard. The others we have ad-libbed and added, but the chorus is the same, you know.” In the Bible, Psalms 139:9 contains a reference to the “wings of the morning.”

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