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By Cindy Kallet and John Blodgett. Thanksgiving with relatives: dinner ready and our three-month-old hungry, too, of course! But, alas, I was not welcome to nurse him at the table, so he had his meal of thanks in the bedroom, and I had mine reheated later. The next day, talk with friends (on the other side of the family) about how we humans seem to have so distanced ourselves from our animal-ness. That night in the car, I started singing what became the first verse, and by the end of the four-hour drive home, John and I had completed the song. With stylistic acknowledgement to the totally awesome Bobs. Cindy Kallet also recorded this song on the album Leave the Cake in the Mailbox.

Sheet music available.

Bass vocal: Richard Knisely

I’m a Mammal

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