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The Cindy Kallet Songbook (eBook, PDF file) plus Cindy’s five solo CDs, bundled together at a $14.00 discount.

See book and album descriptions below.

To hear the songs on these CDs, follow these links: Working on Wings to Fly, Cindy Kallet 2, Dreaming Down a Quiet Line, This Way Home, Leave the Cake in the Mailbox.

Cindy would be happy to autograph your book and CDs. Please specify your autograph wishes in the “Order Notes” field during checkout.

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Working on Wings to Fly (CD) – Cindy’s first album for Folk Legacy Records, reissued on Smithsonian-Folkways Records, has become a true folk classic. Voted one of the Top 100 Folk Albums of the Millenium by WUMB Boston. Back-up vocals by Ellen Epstein and Lisa Kallet.

Cindy Kallet 2 (CD) – Cindy’s second Folk Legacy recording, reissued on Smithsonian-Folkways Records. Backing vocals by Ellen Epstein, Michael Cicone, and Lisa Kallet. The AllMusic Guide recommends that you “start out with this release. The songwriting is a little more expressive, and she plays some fine instrumentals. The music is well crafted and the songs are from the heart.”

Dreaming Down a Quiet Line (CD) – 13 Kallet originals, plus a traditional song and a beauty by Joel Zoss. Guests of honor: Michael Cicone, Ellen Epstein, Lisa Kallet, and Gordon Bok. Described as “entirely beautiful” by Scott Alarik (Boston Globe) and as “that rarest of releases for a singer-songwriter: 15 gorgeously crafted songs…” (Rob Wier, Advocate Newspapers).

This Way Home (CD) – A musical collaboration featuring ten of Cindy Kallet’s originals and four other favorites. Cindy is joined by Will Brown, Gordon Bok, Ellen Epstein, Michael Cicone, and others. “Kallet, quite simply, casts a spell with her unpretentious, unproduced music. Her pleasant alto voice carries her unique songs through the intellect and straight to the heart. Kallet sounds like no other singer-songwriter on today’s scene.” (R Warren, Sing Out!)

Leave the Cake in the Mailbox (CD) – A collection of original “parenting” songs as well as a few traditional favorites. A true family musical portrait, including several contributions by various family and friends. “Ms. Kallet’s gentle tongue-in-cheek separates it from other (kids) albums…Leave the Cake In the Mailbox is recommended, promising to leave both you and your offspring humming and smiling in harmony and/or unison”. (Nikki Patton, Martha’s Vineyard Times). This album won a 2004 “Parents’ Choice Gold Award.”

The Cindy Kallet Songbook – 96 pages (2003). Available as downloadable PDF file. (The spiral bound physical book is currently out of print.) A collection of 32 of Cindy’s original songs and instrumentals, lovingly transcribed by Cindy herself. Included in the eBook are vocal melodies, lyrics, tunings, guitar parts notated in standard musical notation as well as tablature, and suggested chords to use as guides for those wishing to strum along or make their own arrangements. The table below shows the songs which are included in the book.

List of Songs and Recordings On Which Recording They Can Be Found
Big Dark’s Fancy Working on Wings to Fly
Blackberry Downs Working on Wings to Fly
Bodies Dreaming Down a Quiet Line
Cold is the Night Angels in Daring
Diapers by Heart Leave the Cake in the Mailbox
Glacier Song Dreaming Down a Quiet Line
Huckleberries This Way Home
If I Sing Cindy Kallet 2
I’m a Mammal Leave the Cake in the Mailbox, Only Human
I’m Gonna Walk Heartwalk
Listen I Think the Rain’s Come Cindy Kallet 2
Longed So Far This Way Home
Mountains Range Cindy Kallet 2
My Mama Said Leave the Cake in the Mailbox
Nantucket Sound Working on Wings to Fly
Nets in Water This Way Home
One for the Island Working on Wings to Fly
Out on the Farthest Range Working on Wings to Fly
Rain Night Dreaming Down a Quiet Line
Roll to the River Working on Wings to Fly
Royal Bloke Leave the Cake in the Mailbox
Shallow Brown/Cargo This Way Home
Shores of Africa Working on Wings to Fly
Skunk Don’t Care This Way Home
Snipe II’s Fancy This Way Home
Song for Margaret Dreaming Down a Quiet Line
Tide and the River Rising (Oars) Dreaming Down a Quiet Line
Trying Times Cindy Kallet 2
Walking on the Clouds With You (OnlySpring) Cindy Kallet 2
Water not recorded
Wolf’s Lullaby Cindy Kallet 2
Working on Wings to Fly (Crow) Working on Wings to Fly


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