Carbony Great Highland Whistles (keys of high D, B, B-flat and A-440)


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The Carbony pennywhistles are our favorites of the fine handmade whistles. They follow in the footsteps of the legendary, highly sought-after (and rarely available) Michael Copeland whistles, in tone, response and conical-bore shape. Due to the thin walls of their carbon fiber bodies, Carbony whistles are as light as a feather (just over one ounce for the high D), and virtually indestructible. They come with a lifetime warranty.

The Great Highland Whistle has an eight-hole fingering and scale identical to that of the Great Highland bagpipe chanter. These whistles have a range of two octaves. Thus they greatly expand musical possibilities for players of Scottish pipes.

The whistle in A is the most popular choice. It’s tuned to A-440 so it’s perfect for session tunes with F-sharps and C-sharps: tunes in D major, E Dorian, B natural minor (Aeolian) and A Mixolydian. The whistle in D is perfect for session tunes with F-sharps and C-naturals: tunes in G major, A Dorian, E natural minor (Aeolian) and D Mixolydian. If you have these two whistles (the A and the D), you can play the vast majority of traditional Irish and Scottish tunes, using Scottish pipe fingerings.

With the B-flat version, you can play in unison with the Great Highland bagpipes.

The Great Highland Whistles are very satisfying to play – the high notes of the second octave speak quite easily. Intonation is superb, and of course they are tunable, with their two-piece design. Each one comes with a fabric drawstring carrying pouch.

Note: The photos show the Great Highland Whistle in A-440.

The Great Highland Whistle comes in four pitches: choose from high D, B, B-flat and A-440.

These whistles maintain the warmth and resonance of the carbon fiber construction. The tapered design allows for close finger spacing for rapid passage articulation and optimal volume balance in all registers. Includes anodized aluminum serialized laser engraved fipple body with ebonite tip.

You may also be interested in the Highland Hornpipe, which features an ebonite saxophone mouthpiece on a chanter-fingered body. Get that great single-reed sound on a tuneable instrument built for all the Great Highland Bagpipe ornamentations.

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During the pandemic we have instituted a 30-day return policy for Carbony whistles, based on the date the instrument arrives at your door instead of the purchase date. This provides a no-risk opportunity to try a Carbony and return it to us for a refund if you feel it is not right for you. We will pay 50% of the cost of return shipping. 

From the Carbony website: The thin wall process of the Carbony tapered whistle design gives warm response of the lower octave. When playing with other instruments these notes are rarely heard, but not with Carbony™ composite! Our material resonance enhances lower frequencies and mutes upper register shrillness producing a volume balance in all registers.

All whistles now have our revision four fipple design. Our patented two-piece design enables machining accuracy of 0.001″. Our two-piece assembly also facilitates optimal material selection. The blade/body is machined from aluminum and anodized for hardness, creating a stiff precise blade for maximum oscillation. The tip/windway is machined from marbled ebonite, the same material used to make saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces. Safe to put in mouth and durable enough to honor our lifetime warranty.The interface of the carbon fiber body is precision ground to mate with the fipple to form a tuning slide required in all professional grade whistles.

The Carbony™ tapered design is based on the Copeland tradition and we were fortunate to have Michael Copeland play an early design and offer both encouragement and his perspective of whistle making.

Carbony™  instruments are:

• Virtually indestructible – material will not crack, break or rot

• Geometrically stable – over all temperatures and humidities

• Stays as built – no warping or drying out over time

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 1 × 1 in
Whistle Key

A, B, B-flat (A-sharp), High D


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