C’est par un Beau Samedi dÉté /Bobbing for Apples – Song Download

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The first time that André heard this song, he immediately felt that it would be a perfect one for him to arrange and play with Grey.  He learned the song from a very old, unmarked cassette tape. The only thing he knows about the old man who sang the song so beautifully is that he had come from the region of la Beauce in Québec.

Grey and André felt that the polka Bobbing for Apples fit the song like a glove. Grey had written this polka for his daughter Teal and had named it after the popular children’s game whose origins harken back to very old Celtic customs celebrating the coming of Samhain, the winter season. In the game, a tub is filled with water. Then, kneeling with their hands behind their backs, the “bobbers” try to pick up floating apples using only their mouths and teeth.

C’est par un Beau Samedi dÉté /Bobbing for Apples

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