Chordal Accompaniment for the Music in First Lessons Tin Whistle

Audio Recordings and Sheet Music with Chord Symbols

Downloadable MP3s and PDF File

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Grey Larsen’s instructional book First Lessons Tin Whistle features 23 easy-to-play tin whistle tunes. It can be great fun to play these tunes along with a chordal accompaniment instrument such as a guitar or keyboard.

Grey Larsen and Cindy Kallet have crafted chordal arrangements for these tunes. Chordal Accompaniment for the Music in First Lessons Tin Whistle provides recordings of these arrangements plus sheet music showing those chords. On the recordings, Cindy Kallet plays guitar and Grey Larsen plays tin whistle.

The audio recordings come in four different versions. You can play whistle (or another melody instrument) along #3 and 4, below:

  1. Guitar and tin whistle with a metronome click
  2. Guitar and tin whistle without a metronome click
  3. Guitar alone (no whistle) with a metronome click
  4. Guitar alone (no whistle) without a metronome click

Here you may listen to three examples from this collection:

The sheet music component is an 18-page PDF file.

In these recordings, Grey Larsen plays a Session Whistle in D from Carbony Celtic Winds. Cindy Kallet plays a Michael Gurian guitar from c. 1970. 

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