Music from First Lessons Tin Whistle

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With Alternate Note-Naming Systems
from Around the World – Chords Included

By Grey Larsen. Downloadable PDF plus MP3s.

In Grey Larsen’s instructional book First Lessons Tin Whistle, some of the 23 tunes are presented in one notational style, some in another. There is good pedagogical reason for this. However, you may wish to have all the music notated in one of these methods:

If you select the tablature or suit code version of this eBook, you’ll see the name of each note displayed. You may choose among six note-naming conventions:

  • Latin Alphabet – popular in the United States and other countries
  • Jianpu numerical system – popular in China and other countries
  • Sargam – popular in India and other countries
  • German “H” Nomenclature – popular among some musicians in Germany as well as in other countries that speak Germanic languages, such as the countries of Scandinavia
  • “Movable Do” solfege – popular in many Germanic countries, in the US, and in many of the Commonwealth Countries, which are chiefly countries of the former British Empire
  • Fixed Do” or “Tonic Sol-Fa” solfege – popular in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Romania, in Latin American countries and French-speaking Canada, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Albania, North Macedonia, Mongolia, Iran, Taiwan, the Middle East, Turkey and Israel


Chords are shown in all versions of this eBook. Recordings of all the tunes, with guitar accompaniment, are available here.

Here you may listen to three of the tunes, played by Grey Larsen on a Carbony Session tin whistle in D:

Included with this eBook are audio files (mp3s) of all 23 tunes, in three different versions:

  • With a metronome click – centered in the stereo field
  • With a metronome click – separated from the whistle, so you can adjust the balance of the metronome click and the tin whistle, or eliminate either element entirely
  • With no metronome click

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Additional information

Notation Method

Standard Music Notation, Tablature, Suit Code

Note-Naming Method

Latin Alphabet (US), Jianpu, Sargam, Movable Do, Fixed Do, German "H" Nomenclature, Not Necessary for Standard Music Notation


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