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Digital CD

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1. CourageBuy song
2. The Humours of Trim/The Moons of Jupiter/Mulhaire’s Jig – Buy song
3. The Eighth of January/Black Mountain RagBuy song
4. October SongBuy song
5. If You Say YesBuy song
6. Playing with a Full DeckBuy song
7. Lull Myself AsleepBuy song
8. The Swallowtail Reel/The Wind that Shakes the Barley/The Merry HarriersBuy song
9. Fisher’s Hornpipe/Old Leather Britches Buy song
10. OnceBuy song
11. Your LoveBuy song
12. The South ShoreBuy song
13. Cross the Water/Little GirlBuy song

This debut recording from the duo of Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen contains original and traditional songs and tunes rooted in folk traditions of America, Ireland and Scandinavia, woven together in transparent, contrapuntal arrangements. Includes favorites from the duo’s concert repertoire: six of Kallet’s original songs, a fiddle duet, Irish flute and tin whistle tunes, old-time fiddle music of Southern Indiana, imagery of the sea, land, wind and sky. The CD wallet and booklet contain extensive liner notes and the words to the songs, and features the gorgeous photography of Alison Shaw. Vocals, Irish flutes, tin whistles, fiddle, fiola, concertina, guitar and harmonium.

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