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In his small cabin on Walden Pond (near Concord, Massachusetts), on a snowy winter’s night in 1846, Henry David Thoreau eases himself into slumber mulling over the lives of those who had lived in the woods before him. This song is one of 16 that Dillon Bustin created for the musical theatre work, Songs from Walden Pond, a cycle of spoken word and songs based on  Thoreau’s iconic literary work, Walden. All of the lyrics are adapted from Thoreau’s own words. Grey created the musical arrangements for their production in which “Lull Myself Asleep” combines Dillon’s voice, French horn, cello, Irish flute and piano. Cindy asked Grey to please re-arrange it for the two of them.

Grey: harmonium and voice; Cindy: fiola and voice

Lull Myself Asleep

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