Easy Christmas Favorites for Tin Whistle or Irish Flute – Physical Book

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By Grey Larsen. 48 pages, physical book plus free audio. You may download the audio here.

Available at a deeper discount as part of two book bundles: 1 and 2.

30 easy-to-play Christmas favorites arranged for tin whistle (also known as pennywhistle) or Irish flute. Chords are included for guitar, keyboard, or other accompaniment instrument. Also includes three duets for tin whistles or Irish flutes. (You can view the 30 selections in the table of contents, shown in the product gallery.)

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Chords are included with the notation and recording of each tune. On the recordings the chords are played on guitar, but they can be played on other instruments as well. Recordings of each tune are provided in several configurations: whistle alone, Irish flute alone, guitar alone, whistle with guitar, and Irish flute with guitar.

Here you may listen to six examples of the audio included with Easy Christmas Favorites for Tin Whistle or Irish Flute:

What Makes These Tunes Easy?

  • They are played in the lower two octaves of the whistle and flute’s range, ascending no higher than B in the second octave. (Notes above this can be challenging to play on the whistle, and they sound too loud and shrill to many people.)
  • They are in easy whistle and flute keys or modes: D major, G major, E minor, B minor and A Dorian.
  • They use only the eight primary notes of the D whistle and Irish flute: D, E, F#, G, A, B, C and C#,

There are two supplements to this book: Carols in Alternate Keys and Carols Notated in Suit Code.

Carols in Alternate Keys. In Easy Christmas Favorites for Tin Whistle or Irish Flute, each of the 30 carols are presented in just one key. However, it is possible to play 24 of them in an alternate key — in fact one of them can be played in two alternate keys — while still satisfying the criteria that makes them easy to play on tin whistle and Irish flute.  This supplement provides these additional Christmas carol arrangements, in standard music notation, tablature, and with audio recordings.

Carols Notated in Suit CodeThe carols in Easy Christmas Favorites for Tin Whistle or Irish Flute are presented in standard music notation and tablature notation. This supplement provides that same music notated in Suit Code, a graphic fingering shorthand, as well as in standard music notation.

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