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By Grey Larsen. 40 pages, physical book plus free audio and PDF supplements. You may download the audio and supplements here.

Note: This book is being printed now. Your physical book will be mailed to you soon, later in September 2019. You may purchase First Lessons Tin Whistle as an eBook now.

Everything the beginner needs to learn to play the tin whistle (pennywhistle), even if you don’t read music, even if you’ve never played a musical instrument. No stone left unturned.

This book is also available in a book bundle at a reduced cost.

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Here you may listen to three examples of the audio included with First Lessons Tin Whistle:

There are two supplements to this book:

Music from First Lessons Tin Whistle
Some of the 23 tunes in the book are notated in one style, some in another. There is good pedagogical reason for this. However, here you can have all the music notated in one consistent method: standard music notation, tablature or suit code. Audio files are included.
The tablature and suit code versions are available in six note-naming systems from around the world: US (Latin Alphabet), Sargam, Jianpu (modified), German “H” Nomenclature, Fixed Do Solfège (Tonic Sol-Fa) and Movable Do Solfège

Chordal Accompaniment for the Music in First Lessons Tin Whistle
Recordings of chordal arrangements by Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen, as well as sheet music with chord symbols. (Chords could not be included in the book First Lessons Tin Whistle.)
The recordings include guitar tracks without whistle, so you can to play along with the guitar accompaniment.

In addition, there is now an expanded version of the supplement The Toolbox Exercises for Finger Coordination. The expanded version is called Exercises for Finger Coordination for Tin Whistle and Irish Flute. It differs from it predecessor in the following ways:

  • Its text has been augmented to address additional topics and adapted to include Irish flute as well as tin whistle.
  • All exercises are shown in a new tablature system as well as in standard music notation.
  • Two sets of recordings are now available, played on Irish flute as well as on tin whistle.
  • The eBook component is available in six versions, each with a different note-naming convention: Latin Alphabet (US), Jianpu (China), Sargam (India), German “H” Nomenclature (Germanic language countries), Movable Do solfege and Fixed Do solfege (also known as Tonic Sol-Fa).

You may also enjoy some free downloads related to this book.


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