Carols Notated in Suit Code

A supplement to the book Easy Christmas Favorites for Tin Whistle or Irish Flute

Sheet Music with Audio Recordings

Downloadable PDF File with MP3s

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This collection of Christmas carols, arranged for tin whistle in D or standard Irish flute, is a supplement to Grey Larsen’s book, Easy Christmas Favorites for Tin Whistle or Irish Flute. 

The carols in that book are presented in standard music notation as well as tablature notation. This eBook provides that same music notated in Suit Code, a graphic fingering shorthand, as well as in standard music notation.

Suit Code is a graphic shorthand which uses the four suit symbols in the deck of playing cards, plus an open circle, to represent the five fingering patterns used for the primary notes of the tin whistle (also known as a pennywhistle) and keyless Irish flute. This notation system is particularly useful for those who are not fluent in reading music notation.

On the recordings that come with this eBook, Cindy Kallet plays guitar accompaniment while Grey Larsen plays a Session Whistle in D from Carbony Celtic Winds or an Irish flute. The chords you hear on the recordings are shown in the music notation.

The audio recordings that come with this eBook are identical to those that come with Easy Christmas Favorites for Tin Whistle or Irish Flute. (If you already have that book, you might decide to not download the audio that comes with this eBook.)

Here you may listen to six examples of the audio included with this eBook:

The sheet music component is a 45-page PDF file.

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These Christmas carol arrangements are easy to play on tin whistle or Irish flute because:

  • They are played in the lower two octaves of the whistle and flute’s range, ascending no higher than B in the second octave. (Notes above this can be challenging to play on the whistle, and they sound too loud and shrill to many people.)
  • They are in easy whistle and flute keys: D major, G major, E minor or B minor.
  • They use only the eight primary notes of the D whistle and Irish flute: D, E, F-sharp, G, A, B, C and C-sharp. No half-holing required.