Carbony Irish Flute with Close Spacing via Chimney Extenders (keys of low D, C and B-flat)


A carbon fiber Irish flute, very comfortable to hold for all players, particularly those with small or impaired hands. 


This is a three-piece carbon fiber traditional Irish flute with a carbon fiber tuning slide. It has very close finger hole spacing, comparable to that of the silver, modern flute. The maker achieves this by utilizing angled thin-walled carbon tube tone hole chimney extenders (patent pending).

This close finger hole spacing is ideal for people with small or impaired hands and/or Boehm-system flute players. In fact, all players, regardless of hand size, will find this flute extremely comfortable to hold and finger.

It features an O-ring sealed wide body with tapered interior bore.

It comes with a fabric draw-string carrying bag.

Handedness: Right-handed: the flute extends to performer’s right. Left-handed: the flute extends to performer’s left. Universal: the flute can be played either way.

Carbony instruments come with a lifetime warranty.

Carbony instruments are:

• Virtually indestructible – the material will not crack, break or rot

• Geometrically stable over all temperatures and humidities

• Stays as built – no warping or drying out over time

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 1.5 in
Flute key

D, C, B-flat


Blackwood, Weave


Right operates bottom holes, Left hand operates bottom hole, Universal play (right or left)


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