Grey has been mastering since 1996, specializing in acoustic-based music. His forty-plus years as a musician, performer, composer, recording artist, producer and recording engineer have given him a very broad frame of reference. The following are some of the projects mastered by Grey Larsen.


Pete’s Posse – Fruitfly Blues, Down to the Core (Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon and Tristan Henderson)
Gordon Bok – Together Again for the First Time (with Bob Zentz), Then and Now, Because You Asked, Song of the Lady Odivere
Bob Zentz – Together Again for the First Time (with Gordon Bok)
Elizabeth and Ben Anderson – Over the Isles
Jason Harrod – Highliner
Brad Leftwich – Round Peak Banjo (Mel Bay Publications)
Brad Leftwich & Linda Higginbotham – The Lost Child
Paddy O’Brien & Jamie Gans – Snug in a Blanket
Larry Kaplan – Furthermore
Dan Isaacson & Company – Simple System
The Russet Trio – Pine Board Ball Room
Croga – The Tide Full In
Nicole Rabata – Armorica
John and Rachel Nicholas – House of Dreams
Sassafras Stomp – Cornstalk Fiddle
The Press Gang – The Happy Days of Youth, The Press Gang
The Cosmic Otters – Indiana Sunrise
County Boulder – The Road to County Boulder
Kallet, Epstein and Cicone – Heartwalk
Matt and Shannon Heaton – Fine Winter’s Night, Blue Skies Above
Keith Murphy – Bound for Canaan
Wooden Flute Obsession, Volumes #2 and #3
Austin Lucas – Somebody Loves You, Putting the Hammer Down
Chuck Ragan and Austin Lucas – Bristle Ridge
Deborah Langstaff – Take Wing in Song
Amanda Cavanaugh – Comb Your Hair and Curl It
Magic Foot – Stomping Ground
Val Mindel and Emily Miller – In the Valley
Bob Bernstein – Best Case Scenario
Traveler’s Dream – Home Comes the Rover, The Road Home, Cold Blows the Day
Josh Dukes – The Long Trip Home
Tippecanoe Ancient Fife and Drum Corps
Linda Hicks – In the Corner
Rick Good – Intentional Music, True Blue, Nova Town
Gaelwynd – Northern Lights
Lou Stant – Enough About Me, Out of the Blue
Banshee in the Kitchen – Catching the Mooncoin
Cynthia Shelhart – The Limberlost Angel
The Arivada Ramblers – Rambling and Reckless
Sam Bartlett – Evil Diane, Swamp Ceili
Eric Merrill – The Western Star
Over the Rhine – Besides, The Darkest Night of the Year, Good Dog Bad Dog
Linford Detweiler (of Over the Rhine) – First Kind Sight
Monk – “O”, Blink, Hush, Quiver
Ric Hordinski – How Like a Winter
Ootek Production (film scores) – Rush for Grey Gold, A Place for Whooping Cranes, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin
Malcolm Dalglish & the Ooolites – Hymnody of Earth, Pleasure
John Roberts & Tonny Barrand – Eat Bertha’s Mussles
Nowell Sing We Clear – Hail Smiling Morn
Bob Lucas – Rushsylvania
Bob Lucas & Chloe Manor – Kin
Silver Arm – Links
Barachois – Encore
Vida – In Bloom
Chris Smith – Celtic Backup for All Instrumentalists, Mel Bay Publications
The Monks – Let Us Play, Ragged But Righteous
Tina Liza Jones – Birthday Cake, Live in Elkins WV
Jake Krack – How ‘Bout That, One More Time
Easy Street Stringband – Money in Both Pockets
Banshee in the Kitchen – Catching the Mooncoin
Lick Creek Band – Live at the Old Hoosier Coffeehouse


The Rhythm Rats – Wolves-A-Howlin’
M & David Roach – Maggie in the Woods, Ducks in a Row
Marsha Musleh – Tear Down These Walls
Jon Kay – October Dreams
Bobbie Pell – Celtic Wishes, Mysterious Heart
Sam Stone – Dancing the Indiana Waltz
Harrod & Funck – Harrod & Funck, Live
Janet Pressley – Late Last Night, Deeper State of Blue
Zak Morgan – Bloom!
Andrea Rosenthal – Venus Mission
The Dowlands – Foundation
Mike Helm – Raise Both Hands, Yer Pal Mr. Snake in the Grass
David Wolfenberger – The World of the Satisfyn’ Place
Sonny Carter – Wings of Time
Tim Sorensen – Glimpse
Jim Weisburg – Leavin’ Your Mark
Shot of Redemption – Put Some Shade On It
Seth Alder – Darsan
Josh Seurkamp – Garden of Sound
Scott Duebber – Crossing the Jordan
Amy O’Meara – Amy O’Meara
Stonewater – Stonewater
Holden ZoE – Holden ZoE


Ticklepenny Corner – Songs from the Porch
Brooke Trisler – Fade
Tammy Oliver – Without You
Rick Brantley – If You Say So
The Rick Lisak Band – Thirst
Gwendolyn Speaks – This Time
Tracy Walker – Naked
Katie Reider – Wonder
The Perkolaters – Finishing School
Jan Weber – Demo
3rd margaret – alone…
The Grand Rapids Women’s Chorus – Where I Live
Joan Hamilton – Grand Avenue, Picture Book
Kid Kazooey – Gratuitous Van Driving, Parkview
Straight No Chaser – Straight No Chaser, Live at Alumni Hall
The Bathtub Virgins – The Blues Album
Alma Azul – Viva la Musica
Brollywacker – Jump at the Sun
Mary Dezember – Nakedness
Andy Cobine & Linda Manus – Playground
Beth Lodge Rigal – Follow Me
Salaam – Salaam
Garden of Joy – Get that Stuff
Slippery Noodle Sound – Live at the Slippery Noodle