Resources for Tin Whistle and Irish Flute Players

Exercises for Finger Coordination for Tin Whistle and Irish Flute

Featuring standard music notation as well as tablature. Audio files are also included.
Available in six note-naming systems from around the world: US (Latin Alphabet), Sargam, Jianpu (modified), German “H” Nomenclature, Fixed Do Solfège (also known as Tonic Sol-Fa) and Movable Do Solfège.

38 exercises for finger coordination and synchronization, composed and performed by Grey Larsen, as well as introductory and explanatory text covering finger movement, notation and other matters. The ability to move various combinations of fingers in precise coordination and synchronization is essential for good tin whistle and Irish flute playing. These exercises are designed to aid in the development of these skills, which call for moving not only combinations of fingers of one hand or the other, but often fingers of both hands, and sometimes in opposite directions.

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