Free Trial Mastering

If you’d like to hear Grey’s mastering work before committing your entire project, you can do just that – for free. Send us one song or track. Grey will master it and send you the mastered version so you may compare it with the unmastered version. If you then decide to have Grey master your project, his normal pricing will apply for the entire project (including that song/track).

Mastering Rate, CD or digital files

We currently charge $65.00 per CD track/song for most mastering projects. (See “Hourly Rate”, below.) By “track” we mean one song or selection on your CD release (not to be confused with the tracks in a multi-track recording).

In addition to all the sound enhancements of mastering, our fee includes:

  • Basic digital editing: fade-ins, fade-outs, simple crossfades, sequencing, matching volume levels, inserting appropriate spaces between tracks.
  • Entering ISRC codes, if desired.
  • Delivery of your master to the duplication facility as a DDP file set (the industry standard format), or as a CDR if necessary.
  • Grey’s final listen-through to the finished master if it is in the form of a CDR. This is to ensure that your duplication master is free of any flaws in the media itself.
  • We’ll be happy to send one reference CDR of the mastered project to you.
  • Priority Mail shipping of your master CDR (if the master is not a DDP file set) and your reference CDR.

We require a deposit before beginning work on your project. This deposit is 50% of the estimated cost of mastering, based upon the number of tracks and the average duration of the tracks. We will compute this deposit amount in consultation with you.

Hourly Rate

Please Note: If the average length of your tracks is over seven minutes, we will bill the project on an hourly basis at $60 per hour.

Other Costs

Be sure to consider the following costs when you are making an estimate or budget:

  • Revisions in a project Grey has mastered, and non-routine digital editing:
    • $50/hour.
  • Clients often want more CDR masters as play copies or for early promo use.
    • Extra CDRs (under 30 minutes): $5 for each duplicate CD master. Includes CDR blank.
    • Extra CDRs (over 30 minutes): $7 for each duplicate CD master. Includes CDR blank.
  • Overnight shipping of CDR:
    • $40 if COD.
    • $35 if prepaid.
    • Overseas prepaid: contact us for an exact quote.
  • Rush turnaround (call (812) 325-8337 for availability):
    • Add $150.
  • Same day rush turnaround (call (812) 325-8337 for availability).
    • Add $300.
    • Includes courier to Fedex terminal for morning delivery (contact us for availability).