Tin Whistles


We sell all three of Susato’s pennywhistle (also known as tin whistle) models: Kildare, Oriole and Dublin. These are our favorite low-priced whistles.

We also sell Carbony pennywhistles, from Carbony Celtic Winds, our favorites of the fine handmade whistles being made today. These cost more, but compared to most other instruments they are still a bargain. They are incredibly easy and satisfying to play – the high notes of the second octave speak very easily, and the tone and response are outstanding.

All Susato and Carbony whistles have a two-piece design, making them tunable. (Being able to tune your whistle is essential if you want to play along with other musicians, or play along with recordings.) All have excellent intonation. And with the Susato models you may save money by buying whistle sets (one head piece with several bodies, in different keys, that fit that one head).

Of the three Susato models, we recommend the Kildare model most highly. With its tapered bore it has the quickest response, and the most ease of playing in the upper part of the second octave. There are 22 Kildare whistles with four different bore sizes, ranging from high G to low C. (See photo below.) Each whistle comes with a fingering chart, thumb rest, joint grease and a vinyl carrying bag, and comes in black or rosewood brown colors.

The Oriole and Dublin models, with their cylindrical bores, are less expensive than the Kildare, and are very high quality instruments. However, they are not quite as fast to respond to very rapid fingering changes. Grey Larsen also finds that the higher notes of the second octave are not quite as easy to play on Oriole and Dublin whistles as they are on the Kildare whistles.

At this time we sell two Carbony models, the Session Whistle in D and all keys of the High Whistle. They follow in the footsteps of the legendary, highly sought-after (and no longer available) Michael Copeland whistles, in tone, response and conical-bore shape. Due to the very thin walls of their carbon fiber bodies, Carbony whistles are as light as a feather (just over one ounce for the high D), and virtually indestructible. Their second octave high notes speak more easily than with any of the Susato whistles.

They also come with a lifetime warranty.

The most popular whistle pitch is the high D. (This is the standard pitch for Irish music.) It is available as the Susato Kildare S and V-series whistles, the Oriole model, and the Carbony Session Whistle and High Whistle. You may compare the sounds of these whistles below. By clicking the play buttons or “Listen” links you will hear Grey Larsen playing the traditional Irish reel The Sunny Banks on these three high D whistles.

The following recordings have been processed with light compression and reverb, but no pitch correction or other editing or processing has been performed.


Audio Sample
Susato Kildare S-Series in D
Susato Kildare V-Series in D
Susato Oriole in D
Carbony Session Whistle in D
Carbony High Whistle in D


Other whistle pitches are also pleasing, and quite useful in many situations. Below you may compare the sounds of the Kildare and Dublin M-Series whistles in low A.

Audio Sample
Susato Kildare M-series whistle in low A
Susato Dublin M-series whistle in low A


Click the buttons below to purchase whistles or whistle sets, and to select options.

Susato Kildare V series high G, F#, F, E, Eb and D Very small bore diameter
Susato Kildare S series high Eb, D, C#, C and B Small bore diameter
Susato Kildare M series Bb, A, G# and G Medium bore diameter
Susato Kildare L series low F#, F, E, Eb and D Large bore diameter
Susato Kildare LX series low C# and C Extra Large bore diameter
Susato Oriole whistles high Eb, D, C and Bb Small bore diameter
Susato Dublin whistles Bb, A, G, F, E, Eb, D and C Medium, Large and Extra Large bore diameters
Carbony Session Whistle high D
Carbony High Whistle high G, F, E, E-flat, D, C and B