Tin Whistles


At this time we sell only Susato brand Kildare whistles, our favorite low-priced instrument. It has excellent intonation and quick response, a conical bore, and it’s two-piece design makes it tunable. Being able to tune your whistle is essential if you want to play along with other musicians or with recordings. Save money with whistle sets (one head-piece with several bodies, in different keys, that fit that one head).

The most popular whistle is the high D. It is available in both the S and V-series. You may compare the sounds of these two whistles below. By clicking the “Listen” links, you can hear Grey playing the traditional Irish reel The Sunny Banks on Kildare V and S series whistles in high D.

These recordings have been processed with light compression and reverb, but no pitch correction or other editing or processing has been performed.

Audio Sample
Susato Kildare V series whistle in D
Susato Kildare S series whistle in D


Susato Kildare whistles are made of ABS plastic (black or rosewood brown) and have a slightly tapered bore. There are 22 whistles with four different bore sizes, ranging from high g’’ to low c’. Each whistle comes with a fingering chart, thumb rest, joint grease and a vinyl carrying bag. You may save money by purchasing a whistle set that combines a single head piece with several bodies, in different keys, that fit that head.

Click the buttons below to purchase whistles or whistle sets, and to select options.

V series high G, F#, F, E, Eb and D.
S series high Eb, D, C#, C and B.
M series Bb, A, G# and G.
L series low F#, F, E, Eb and D.
LX series low C# and C.